Where to watch Manchester United vs Leicester City in NYC--or--where to watch Leicester win the league?

History is upon us, if you're a football (soccer) fan.  The small, unfancied club Leicester City are one victory away from winning the English Premier League title, ahead of famous powerhouses such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, etc.  Defying 5000 to 1 odds, Leicester are almost certain complete one of the most shocking achievements in sports history.  

On Sunday morning at 9:00 am Eastern Time, this historic match begins at Old Trafford stadium in England, where Leicester City can clinch the title. The game will be watched by Premier League fans around the world.  Football fans in New York, be they English expats, soccer-mad Yanks, or people just wondering what all the fuss is about, will be watching the match on Sunday morning with their breakfast.  In the US the match will be on NBCSN and on Telemundo in Spanish.  For cord-cutters or those wanting to watch it at a pub, there will be plenty of options.  Most sports bars will show it if you ask, as long as they're open.

Here's a short list of places I recommend:

Legends6 W 33rd St
This soccer-specific bar near the Empire State Building is one of the best destinations for football.  I watched Russia play the US here many years ago.  And it's home to the New York Foxes, and local supporters club for Leicester fans.  So come here a revel in history with those who best appreciate it.

Smithfield Hall38 W 25th St
A meeting place for Manchester United fans (since the previous spot the Manchester Pub burned down) club that stands in Leicester's way to history.  A definite spot if you're Man United fan, or if you want to play spoiler.

The Red Lion, 151 Bleecker St
This English pub in Greenwich Village is known for live music at night but has established itself as a premier spot for English sporting interests such as Football, Rugby, Cricket, etc.  A good spot when the English national team plays for its fans, it shows most of the Premier League matches as will definitely be rocking with this historic moment of English football.

Woodwork, 583 Vanderbilt Ave, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Brooklyn's premier football venue, this place shows it all.

Banter, 132 Havemeyer St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Another Brooklyn spot, where I watched the 2014 World Cup to a packed crowd.

 The Red Lion in the Village

The Red Lion in the Village